Pittsburgh Marathon Expo and VIP 2019

We went down to the Expo on Friday morning, did you know it is very easy and relatively inexpensive to park in downtown Pittsburgh?  The live time parking app with rates is amazing - take notes Calgary.

Although we were half an hour early, the doors were open so we went ahead and collected our stuff with zero lineups. It was great looking around the Expo when it was quiet.  Our amazing Goodr marathon editions were collected and I bought the Brook's PGH shoes, extra Goodrs (because they were gorgeous) and couple of things from P3R.  I had already purchased the Pro Compression PGH Marathon dot socks, but they also had a booth there which was cool.

We found our names on the wall.

And added to this wall.

The race shirts are perfect.  I was able to exchange my small for a medium on site and the diet starts when I get back.

Overall I would say there was a bit less at the Expo compared to previous years, I missed the big yellow bridge and photos with the giant 26.2.  Sadly SJ no longer do sports charms, so I guess my bracelet is complete!

In the evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP night as I had been a social media influencer for the marathon this year.  Yay!

2019 was Patrice Matamoros' last year as RD after bringing the marathon back in 2009 and making it what it is today, I was so excited to see the tributes to her including these awesome gifts of all the medals and all the shirts from 09-19.  (I was very careful not to look at the 2019 medal though!  I like that to be a surprise at the 5k).

Any day I get to hang out with Brandi and Jeff is a good day.  I also got to meet Becky, one of this year's official bloggers, I have been following her journey to the race and she's done so well.  Proud of you girl!

I may have accidentally come home with a Matt Cullen puck from the silent auction (I thought more people would bid lol), proceeds went to Humane Animal Rescue so that's a win win in my book.

We all had a relatively early night to get ready for the 5k in the morning.  

Oh, and the race poster looks fantastic in my basement.  Spoiler alert - I earned some new medals!


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