Twin Falls, WA

Twin Falls (Homestead Valley trailhead)     approx 3.5 miles   350 m elev gain
WA Discover Pass required

The plan was to start at the Twin Falls trailhead but we had been at South Fork in Olallie all morning so we started at Homestead, an alternate route with less driving and more hiking.  This is a very busy trail and most reports suggest getting there by 7 am.  It was also quiet at 3 pm when we arrived, easy parking and not too many people.  Maybe being at the alternate trailhead helped.

It was instantly beautiful.  Flowers everywhere as soon as we climbed out of the parking area.  

We followed the wide gravel John Wayne Trail then branched down to the right at 0.5 miles.  Hello foliage.

I forgot the bug spray so it was quite a relief to find zero bites after so many overgrown spots.  

The scenery was beautiful, green mossy trees, ferns, pancakes mushrooms.  Every shade of green you can imagine.  One thing to note is the constant sound of I-90 just below.  We could even see it from time to time.  It was the same on the section of PCT we hiked last year.

After a long stretch of perfect undulating forest trail, we dropped steeply via switchbacks and stairs to the first falls.  Upper Twin Falls.  Probably.

At this point on the bridge you are standing between the two falls. We dropped down to the second falls via wooden stairs with two small viewing platforms at the end.

Lower Twin Falls, you are so pretty.  

The afternoon sun was beautiful.  We spent a little bit of time there enjoying the view then we remembered we had a decent climb ahead.

Which is why I'm this reddish shade.  I have InB shorts on under the dress, not something I would normally hike in.  My goodrs are being an excellent headband.

It only took us 1 hour 45 total, we had a few things to do (get ice cream) before the evening festivities in Fall City otherwise we might have followed the John Wayne Trail up a bit.  



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