Twin Peaks Festival 2019 (Kiana Lodge)

We live inside a dream.  Fleetingly, when we are lucky enough to touch the magic.

This dream started on a rainy Wednesday night as we arrived at Seatac and drove through the dark to Poulsbo.  Something magical awaits in the morning.


We woke to fine drizzle and low PNW cloud.  We were immediately embraced by salty balmy humidity.  I felt like I was breathing for the first time in months.  Kiana Lodge was just 15 minutes away, maybe we should have put raincoats in the car.

Pete and Catherine's house.  Also the interior of The Great Northern in the pilot.  Everything the same.  Only a couple of lodge staff around, a deep silence in the rain.

The Norwegians are leaving!  Two of the artefacts on the mantelpiece are actually in the pilot, the black and white heads.

Outside, while the atmosphere is still right.  The sun will break through soon.

She's dead!  Wrapped in a Rock n Roll marathon jacket!  *Side eyes husband who thought plastic was 'taking it too far'.

Meanwhile, back at the lodge.  I think we captured the spirit of the thing.

The branch?  Maybe.  It's close.  The bird was busy.

Add a fishing rod.

One last look at this beauty, season 3 edition.

Now we make the journey to Twin Peaks.

The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer.  Laura is the one.

*Note: call ahead if visiting Kiana to check if they have an event on.


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