Twin Peaks Festival 2019 (Sat/Sun)


Welcome sign, Town hall, celeb meet and greet, Laura's picnic area,  formal dinner at The Club on Snoqualmie Ridge w/celeb Q&A, costume contest.

We decided to visit the Fest sign when it was a little quieter this year (travelling east on Reinig Rd, after turning right at Sparkwood & 21 at Ronette's bridge).  Look at that gorgeous low cloud on Mount Si.  This is how I imagine Twin Peaks.

Time for coffee and donuts before the next celeb session at the Town Hall.  That DL coffee is strong. Our primary objective today is to meet Dr Amp!

Objective accomplished!  I found these matching (and fabulous) T's online but too late to order at home so I had them shipped to the hotel - thank you Hampton Inn Snoqualmie.  Russ and his wife Bonnie are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. 

I had to thank John Neff for his amazing performance with Rebekah the night before.  We enjoyed discussing Bobby and Mike's career paths with Gary Hershberger and James Giordano was at his very first Fest.

After that, we picked up some food from a disreputable fast food joint and sat up at Laura's picnic area (now Snoqualmie Point Park).  It was quiet and peaceful and beautiful.  Here's a different view of the Packard Mill remains and the Sheriff station (now DirtFish Rally) from that point.  All those trees! 

A thing I learned: every person who has worked with David Lynch can do a great impression of him.

Dinner was glorious, I particularly loved the mini gold shovels at each place setting.  My favourite costumes this year were Senorita Dido and the Fireman, and a couple of bunnies in housecoats (with an iron) from Inland Empire, now I must see the movie.

I started listing some details about the Q&A and it became very long, so in summary it was awesome.  And I love Rebekah Del Rio immensely.


Laura's picnic, cherry pie, tour of filming locations at Olallie, hike to Twin Falls, Leland Palmer karaoke night, visit to Elk's Point #9 bar.

Picnic!  BBQ!  Pie!  But first, this.  I escaped directly to Jack Rabbit's Palace so I could breathe and absorb all the beauty/light/green/energy in solitude.

Shovel yourself out of the shit.  Yes.

The picnic was just perfect, great food, sunshine and the company of Russ and Bonnie Tamblyn at our table.  We are lucky people indeed.  Cherry pie was magnificent and Katy's macaron (take another look sonny, it's the last one) was sensational.  

Josh led the locations tour, he remembers e v e r y t h i n g about TP.  Every single detail.  

Sadly it was a little too cold to swim in the river, I only got mid thigh before rescinding.  We fitted in a hike instead (yay) and all too soon it was time for our last 'Fest thing'.

Ladies and gentlemen the Roadhouse is proud to present Leland Palmer Karaoke Night.  

The place was closed down for our event, it was fantastic.  We had their famous mac n cheese for dinner then enjoyed the rest of the evening's chaos.  There were some fantastic performances, you know who you are.

I don't know what's happening here but it's very entertaining.  You haven't lived until you've hung out on the balcony of the Roadhouse.

After closing the place down, our caravan hit the road for Smokey Joe's Tavern (Elk's Point #9).

Same fridge different day

Entering the bar is entering the world of Twin Peaks, John tells me exactly where David Lynch was while he was filming his scenes.  He radiates kindness and I find the stark contrast of his intense dark performance on the show fascinating.  Clearly I cannot manage the acting.  This picture however, sums up all the happies I had this weekend.

It was a great note to end Fest on, so I'll just leave you with one last photo.  Our last port of call before heading to the airport.  Peaks weather, low cloud, a little rain.

See you (again) in the trees.  What year is this?


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