ET Full Moon Midnight 5k August 22, 2021 (LIVE RACE)

Between all the stress of testing, the potential to get stuck in the US and the plane developing a fault and having to return to Calgary before we even got started I am still blown away this trip even happened.  It didn't 'just happen' either, it was epic.  

It has been two years since I shared a flat runner, I definitely had a few moments while inflating my aliens.  This is probably my last decent pair of PureFlows (my most favourite running shoes ever, now discontinued) and I wanted to run this special race in them.

We had the great pleasure of staying in The Palazzo for this trip, we left at 9 pm to drive to Rachel, NV about two and a quarter hours away in the desert near Area 51.  We had a blue moon overhead, my new blue alien approved.

The drive is gorgeous, the moon is bright overhead and various mountain ranges slide by along with patches of fog.  After 11 we pass the Black Mailbox and a group of buses and runners in reflective vests.  We are continuing, as due to no training the 51k and Marathon are not happening for us tonight.  The trip was planned and put together in less than a week.

Rachel is always welcoming.

I frequently have to tell myself I'm really here, it's really a race, those are really other runners and this is actually a thing.  A magical beautiful thing.  The setting is perfect with the inviting open road under the moon.  Soon Joyce arrives in a frenzy of organization to get things happening for the 10 and 5k.  She has put on events throughout this mess, she is my hero.

The 10k goes first along with the photographer's dog who easily leads the pack before being dragged back over.  The 5k will start at 1:05 am.  This is us.

Crossing the start line is like going over a rollercoaster crest, momentum is ours.  I want to listen to the desert but my panting is overriding any of that so I put music on.  I sound like I've never run before.  Running in the dark is glorious and freeing, I feel like part of the wind.  

We have a straight shot to the turnaround/water stop.  It's hard work and it's hot but the honesty of just pushing forward as hard as you can creates pure joy, a feeling that everything is as it should be.  As we head back toward Rachel I'm surprised how far away the twinkling lights are.  I wish I had trained but I didn't dare hope this trip would happen.  

There's a final right turn toward the Little A'le'inn and I see the finish line.  Apparently I am purple.  As is my medal, oooh a purple alien!  

First post-race-medal-selfie in two years!  I KNOW.

Kev was second overall and I won my division.  The aliens are good to us.

We stayed around to chat with other runners, such a treat.  The Little A'le'inn opened and was staying open all night for us, I do enjoy a 2 am shopping trip.  I bought all kinds of stuff we don't need.  With aliens on it.

We slowly drove back to the Black Mailbox on the wrong side of the road to allow plenty space for runners out on the course.  I silently gave them good vibes as we passed, the last thing they need is Cher or some such racket blasting out a passing vehicle.

Here's the latest edition of the mailbox, the original one disappeared a few years back.  The little lights belong to Area 51 and the full blue moon is overhead.  How perfect.

We got back to The Palazzo at 6 am just as the sun rose.  You did not want to see me later on Sunday after two hours sleep.

Thank you Joyce and Calico Racing for giving us ourselves back.  I had forgotten what it was like to feel like this.


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