Canso Bomber crash site - Tofino, BC

After giving up on a US trip we were lucky to find an available week at a beautiful cottage just outside Ucluelet on Vancouver Island.  Last year we did the Canso Bomber trail for the first time.  I really wanted to go back this year with the GoPro as I thought we could get some interesting pictures.  The scale is hard to capture especially with the way the wreckage is entangled in the trees. 

If you want to be alone at the plane or have pictures sans others, you will need to get an early start.  Since the bike trail was completed, there's a handy path to follow from the car park and it certainly seems to have driven the popularity up.  

The first stop just after the trail detours into the deliciously dark woods is the Blair Witch House.  Note, this is just what we call it.  We enjoy thinking of witches and decaying clowns as we approach.  

I will never get tired of the eerie quality the building has.  

The next section takes you into the woods and swamp sections, but there is now an easy boardwalk over the mud.  Again, probably driving up the popularity.  After a short steep climb, you are level with the nose of the plane.  I get a kick out of the roots, it looks like it is being reclaimed by the earth.

The graffiti rainbow has been replaced with a purple mandala since last year.

The opposite side seems mostly unchanged.  

I am torn about the 'added art'.  It marks the time passing in some ways.  

It's still an amazing hike but be prepared for a busy trail.  It would also be fantastic for a rainy day or even better a foggy one, that would really add to the atmosphere.


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