DietBet - here we go

While we were away I noticed my shorts were quite tight around the middle then the race pics drew my attention to some other areas!  I've been trying to get back to my 2012 race weight since January without success.

So when fellow blogger RWRM posted a DietBet social weight loss challenge, the timing was exactly right.  Scary, but right.

This is how it works; join or start a game on DietBet, post a photo of your 'before' shot and another of your weight readout on the scales, pay $25 then lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days to win a share of the overall pot.

When I entered my current weight I found 4% (or 5.3lbs) would take me to 128.3 which is perfect before the Calgary Half.  It is not my final goal weight but it would leave me with only another 6lbs to lose if I am successful in this challenge.

The $130/hour I paid to have a nutritionist set out a meal plan last month has not worked, in fact I gained weight and developed a loathing of all things protein powder (and paying large sums of money to nutritionists).  Instead I plan to keep it simple and follow Rich Roll's always brilliant advice:

Let's go!


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