Friday run with a dash of ouch

The weather is beautiful today, from -15 to +15 just like that.  Long may it stay.  I went out for a run so I could try my new Pro-Tec tape.

I've not been walking entirely pain free but I noticed an improvement after Core Pilates on Wed plus the Calgary Half is in a MONTH (crap) and I have to try something.  The first km was painful then it got oh so much better.  The result - I kept going to 8k then had a gel break.  When I tried to bend my knee I realized it was ridiculously stiff and sore so I spent 10 mins stretching it slowly until the pain loosened up.  I took a slightly different route back past Sikome Lake where I was able to refill the water bottles.  Hallelujah!  Everything was really good until I passed under 22x and the pain got really sharp on the outside of my knee.  It hurt like hell to bend it.  Same all the way back, I walked the last 4k basically.

15k in 2 hours!

I also have a larger band from Pro-Tec I plan to try out, but I think I'm going to have to get some help here.  Balls.

Loads of good things today:

  • A coyote crossed the trail on the way back, he was super fluffy.
  • I can get water on my long runs again!  It must be summer.
  • Running in shorts in Calgary - yes.
  • 8k of happy pain free running.
  • The giant ice patch is gone from 'my' hill down to Fish Creek.
  • I can really feel the difference thanks to the DietBet weight loss.

I do have 2 days to downgrade my distance in the Calgary Marathon but I so don't want to.  Pass the Ibuprofen.


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