Race pics

I just got the race pics from the weekend, two thumbs up to you Sport Photo for letting us choose 5 random pics in a package.  Usually they make you buy each bib # separately.

The finish lines, first time I've finished a race on a red carpet!

After the SLO race we hobbled down to Morro Bay to see the rock on the medal and took a few silly pictures.

This sandy one is my favourite!

I am having time off while my calf and knee heal.  After I can walk pain free I will start building up my distance again.  Since we are having a  blizzard (again) I'm not devastated about this lazy weekend.

I have heard quite a bit about running with injuries since I got back but I loved it, I loved running somewhere warm and different.  Other than those 2 injured areas, I felt great between races and afterwards on Sunday.  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.

Calgary Half in 6 weeks!


  1. I hope your calf and knee feel better soon! Sounds like those were two amazing races!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've got you added to feedly now!

  2. Thanks Leana! I had a great time, so hard to come back to the snow.

    I have your blog on my faves list too :)


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