The Vanduzzi and a Trail Run

It's been a trying week thanks to food poisoning.  I missed my long awaited acupuncture appointment on Tuesday which sucks as now I have to wait again.  I persuaded Kev to go in my place as he's also had IT band issues this year.  He was very sweet and took a couple of pictures 'as a science experiment for the blog'.  He had cupping or what Dean Karnazes would call a Vanduzzi!  Without further ado, here are my husband's fine legs:

As of today he still has a chain of purple crop circles.  He's having another 2 sessions as they are supposed to be close together for maximum effect.  This is probably why I can't get an appointment!

Trail run #3

We went out to the mountains on Saturday, I seriously had to blow the cobwebs away and get some energy back.  Rawson Lake is one of my favourite hikes so we tried running it.

4.8 miles & 317 metres elevation gain.  Total time: 3hrs.

We reached Sarrail Falls fast and it was a treat, lots of spring runoff.  Of course we had to stop and climb up the side, this has become a rule of trail running for us so far!

We took the Rawson trail branch shortly after, it was clear of snow for most of the ascent.

It felt like a lot of up at some points.

About a km from the lake we encountered metre deep snow which was mostly okay to climb over but isothermal in places from the sun.  The uphill here was more gradual, the final run in to the lake.

Suddenly we had this all to ourselves:

The surface was melting into slush puddles, it was spectacular.  We have only seen this lake either in the height of winter or the height of summer.  No matter how many times we come up it still takes my breath away.  After 20 minutes or so we had company and decided to head back down.  We passed a lot of people coming up, good timing again!

I only fell in the snow a couple of times.  Take a picture then help me out...

My knee got the arsehole from the downhill in a big way but Kev flew down it like a 5 year old.  I missed his tree hurdling unfortunately. 

A very interesting note is that Kev had no knee pain.  We both barely ran last week and both had pain from the get go.   When can I have my Vanduzzi?


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