Yellowstone Adventures Part 3

After Friday's 17k we were done with trail running as I was having a lot of pain just walking.  Instead we decided on Saturday to get up early and walk around old Faithful just as the sun was rising.  We left the cabin at 5:40 and it was freezing.  The steam had frozen on the boardwalks and we slid around like penguins.  Cold penguins.  Sometimes I wonder how Kev humours these stupid ideas I have.

About 2k in our faces went numb and then finally the sun made it over the hills.

It was beautiful and deserted with the exception of a couple of runners (clearly crazy of course).  It feels like the beginning of time here with the bubbling springs and boiling water.  

We drove around part of the park later on that day, there is a lot to see apart from the volcanic activity.

Old Faithful

Hayden Valley

Bison in the rain

We stopped for these at Canyon.  Something fat free something....oh whatever they were good.

It was a fabulous trip, I am so glad I could share it with my parents.  They are continuing their trip on to Vancouver.

We will see you again Yellowstone!


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