Flashback and Flu

Happy Halloween!  

Here's an update on week 1 of the coaching sessions:

Tempo run - 6.2k on Wed (calf & achilles pain from Sunday)
Hills - cancelled (oops)
Long run 15.5k on Friday (slow pace)
Arguments: minimal, general belligerence
Progress: I'm out doing stuff, this is good
Weight: down 2lbs, still 6lbs above typical running weight

These are from last Friday, I ran down to the Bow River, across 22x on the new narrow pathway then along the Chaparral side before dragging myself back to Cranston.  Since then we've had a ton of snow and it looks like it has mostly melted while I've been stuck in my bed.

Week 2 has been a mess since the flu outbreak, which is probably related to the junk food I've been subsisting on since September.  No activity happening and I am just back at work today (Thursday).  I'll see how things are by the weekend but likely will not be doing much if anything.  I'm halfway through a workday and already exhausted.  I hope Coach A doesn't pick it up.

In the 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' category, 10 days to the Last Chance!  Current forecast, a wee bit chilly but sunny.  


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Hope you are feeling better soon

    1. Thank you :) And now we have the snow again, sigh.


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