Last Chance!

After a woeful PW at my last race I had decided to give up for the year.  Since then (just over a week, really is that all?) I have lost a toenail and continued along my 'happy' weight gain journey.  I think there must be a switch in my brain that reacts when I get into this state and today it made me register for the Last Chance Half on Nov 10th.  Huge conflict between lazy indulgent self and healthy fit self.

Things I have to do first:

  • Get new shoes right now, I wore the heel material out in my Altras.
  • Lose 4 to 5 lbs.  Running was unpleasant last race.  Things were wibbling that had no business wibbling.
  • Run 14 or 15k twice before the race.  
  • Add shorter faster runs during the week, try to find my absent speed.
  • Run more!

Harvest Half finish line, unhappy runner:

I also happened to notice some of my favourite people have registered for this race! AND spots are still available, when I signed up today it was showing 320 registered out of 600 places....


  1. I ran this race last year and it wasn't bad. It had snowed the days before, so the pathways weren't perfectly clear, but it's a flat and easy course :)

    1. Sounds good. The weather could do just about anything right enough! Get the gloves and hats out I think.

  2. I'll be there too! Last year I found the paths to be a bit slippy, but the fairly flat course is very nice!

    1. Brilliant! I'll look out for you so we can say hello :)


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