Virtual Doctor Who Half

Look what I found floating around the internet!

Website here.  It runs until the actual 50th anniversary of Doctor Who on November 23rd.  How cute is K9 on the medal?

I never missed an episode of Peter Davison's 5th doctor when I was little.  This was back in days of yore when we only had 3 TV channels and there was STILL more to watch than today.  I have lapsed since then, but the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor will be worth watching.  If you've seen In The Loop you'll know why I'm a fan.  Will he bring arse-spraying mayhem to the Tardis?

So, Coach A and I are registered for the virtual Half.

It would be nice to wait until the medals arrive in the mail but it would also be nice to have a go before the Last Chance (and the snow)!  I've never done a virtual race before and I must admit its all very intriguing.
What do you think?! 


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