Why Hello Coach

I did not do well with training this past week (I did not do anything this past week) so clearly I needed to make things more interesting.  On Saturday I challenged Kev with coaching his belligerent wife to the Last Chance Half.  He accepted and manged to get me out Sunday.  He has consistently PR'd this year even during the back to backs and after the marathon so I figure he must know what he's doing.  Plus it will add an element of interest to marital life.

We ran down into Fish Creek until the pathway ran out at the river.  You can climb up the bank onto the partly-there pathway to extend the route but we turned around this time making it 11k total.

To be honest I had images of getting 0.5k in and giving up, but I ran the first 5k in 32.01 including breaks and hills then finished 11k AND there were no major arguments with Coach Arsehole.  We're British, this is how we show our affection, do not be alarmed.

Why do I never look like I'm running in running photos?

I replaced my Altras during the week, my feet were very pleased about this.  I also ran without the Pro-Tec IT Band for the first time since June and have to report I am absolutely fine.  Hurrah!  

All in all a great run, I managed some decent paced kms and didn't have any of the pain or discomfort I had during the Harvest.  I wonder what Coach A has planned for me next?  We'll see tonight.


  1. Glad to hear that you had a great run!

  2. Coach Arsehole...LOL I love you guys! You crack me up! Glad to hear the run went well - can't wait to see how you rock Last Chance!


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