Last Half of the Year

Tomorrow I'm running the Harvest Half (#10).  I registered for this pre-marathon as it looks beautiful with a route through Fish Creek at the height of fall.  Since Kaua'i I have been knackered and struggling to get out running.  I have only run twice actually, ouch.  Is this normal after a first marathon?  I can't decide if it's laziness, mental fatigue or actual physical fatigue.  All 3?

I have also gained 6lbs - oops.  This is part of the reason I registered for another marathon so I could start getting my shit together before anything else happens.  Thank you Pittsburgh for timing your registration start date beautifully.

I know people who are running a lot more races than I am this year and some running a lot less.  It raises the question of should you choose fewer target races to do well at or run more races to stay trained and constantly challenge yourself?  

Now let's see how I do dragging my extra poundage around South Calgary tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. Thanks for saying hi this morning! :) Hope you had a great race :)

    1. Thanks Leigh, it was great to meet you. Looking forward to your race review!


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