Edmonton Half Marathon Aug 24, 2014

The new packet pick up location is the Shaw Conference Centre in downtown Edmonton, easy to reach and within walking distance of our hotel.  This is also the new race start/finish location, again very convenient.  I loved the souvenir T-shirt this year - the orange one.  Tech shirts not so much.  The Expo Hall is very nice, you could picture weddings happening in it, and the indoor waiting with plenty bathrooms is fantastic for race day.

Marathon Photos took quite a lot of pictures during the race so I'm letting them do the recap for a 

Good start, I feel pretty happy trucking along and watching the elites shoot by on the other side.  At 10k I am on PR pace at 1:04:something.  A gratuitous little hill pops up at the turnaround point.

Just after the turnaround.  This pair have slowed up for the photographer and I do not have the energy to overtake them.  I look and feel somewhat pissy.  The pace I'm doing does not feel very sustainable.

Weird ass stare.  Let's walk a bit!  Yes, walking sounds great!

Walk, run, walk, run.  Just hard work now.  Why the hell won't my legs go any faster?  I need water, why did I pass by the last station.  No more energy drink pleases.  My mouth is all gluey.

Hauling ass up the finish chute.  I manage to to run the last 2km fairly decently.  I am afraid to look at the time. 

Will this end soon?  Going SO FAST I am blurry.  Uh huh.

Ah ah ah the finish line.  Good lord I feel terrible, breathe.

 Be still my Garmin for this is now over. 2:22:27.

 I dodge a bunch of photographers but these shits get me.  I don't feel like I deserve a medal so I'm holding up my water instead.  The bloody thing is back to front I see.

Alas my PR attempt was futile.  Got a bit distracted by the 51k 2 weeks ago and didn't really train appropriately.

How you're supposed to do it.  3 min PR here.  He didn't train appropriately either.

Orange glitter?  Yes please, that'll work.  


  1. I really like the medals this year and my 10K ribbon is black so it'll go with any outfit! LOL. All I could think of was just finishing. The weather was great but the roads in the residential areas were crap. Congrats on getting through it - especially after doing an ultra just 2 weeks ago! Impressive!

    1. Love them too! Thanks. Sometimes it's a struggle, but we get through it :)


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