Lack of Self Control, Bungle & Zippy

I owe you a race report for Edmonton.  It wasn't in any way horrible (2:22), but neither was it fun and it certainly wasn't a PR.  The race itself was bloody brilliant, I would recommend it to anyone.  I wasn't in it mentally which made it super hard going.  In the meantime here is a magnificent finish line shot I borrowed.  I'm trying to breathe.  With my eyes shut.

Self control was cancelled this week, I added a 10k to the schedule for Sept 6th.  Dino Dash.  Oopsy.

We were pretty excited to order our Inknburn Maui singlets, they look beautiful.  Again with the lack of self control, I may have placed an extra order to pick up there.  A huge thank you to Terry for her discount code.  I am grateful, my credit line is grateful.

I was talking to friends the other night and remembered an old UK kids TV show I used to watch - Rainbow.  Seriously, the bear. THE BEAR.  He's called Bungle.  They used to zip the mouth shut on the yellow dude (Zippy) when he talked too much.  It's a wonder I don't still have nightmares.

Too many of my colleagues have passed away recently.  I work in pensions and have been horribly and unpleasantly surprised by names on my monthly termination report.  On Friday my gran went into hospital in Scotland.  So far away.  I didn't want to run, I am absolutely crap at dealing with any of it.  Perspective.  Some of the petty little stuff that makes us crazy people is just so fucking stupid.  Listen to Uncle Ricky.

I love him so bad


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