Hot Yoga, Vanduzzi & The Alien Race Strategy

We added a hot yoga session to our training this week, something we'll probably do a bit more of before the Maui trip.  It helped acclimate us for humid Kaua'i last year, plus it's all the fun in a painful bendy sweaty sort of way.  It can be quite expensive so we go to the Breathe Friday night $5 drop in.  10 mins before the end while you're lying sweatily in the dark, the instructor comes around and gives you a chilled scented face cloth - bliss.

Pre-race overhaul

We had our traditional visit with Dr Kelly for a preventive pre-race vanduzzi on both IT Bands this week, this time I also had my calf done as my Achilles has been stiff and sore recently.  When the cup went down to the top of my ankle I just about went through the ceiling, then since that wasn't quite enough fun she added needles.  Still, it is effective.  The bruises are going down a bit now.  Is there anything a vanduzzi can't fix?

The needles go in quite a ways
Watch the skies

I'm finding the concept of 51k and an all night run quite hard to process.  So. I have made aliens which I will give to confused volunteers at aid stations roughly every 10k, saving the oddest looking one for the finish line volunteers (who will probably think I've gone mad).  I will gradually offload my aliens and instead of thinking in kilometres left I will think in aliens remaining.  Whatever works right?


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