Ultra Nervous

This is helpful

The reality of the upcoming ultra set in last night when the Mr FINALLY packed his damn shoes.  The packing list for the race is longer than the kayaking and general lists combined.  I get crazily obsessed with remembering everything and inevitably forget something really important.

On this particular list we have intriguing items such as; aliens, a cow, ufo, pipe cleaner crop circles and a headlamp.  So chances are I'll forget my knickers or passport.

Here's a preview of our hydration packs, just as Ultimate Direction intended...

I wonder how Kev will feel after that cow has bounced off his arse for 7 hours?

There are a few things I wish I had done better, more training, more miles, more night runs.  Less eating - I still haven't shifted one bit of the 5 lbs I wanted to lose.

Soon I'll be on the start line with all the other little illuminated green people in the middle of the night. Time to step out of my comfort zone and do something totally different.

See you after the race!


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