ET Post Race Notes

Pre race

I had zero stomach problems during the race - hurrah!  We shared pasta (tomato, chicken, mozzarella) at 11:30am, I had a banana around 6pm and a few fig bars in between right up to the midnight start.  That's it.  Success.

The Grand Lux is fabulous

We ate, walked around outside the hotel in the sunshine then watched a crappy film before heading off to the Hard Rock.  I never felt sleepy during the run.  I think sleeping late then being relaxed the day of the run helped.  I had no idea how crazy stressed I had been until I wasn't stressed anymore.  More vacations.

Time & Goals

I gave this race every single thing I had.  I ran the first 10 uphill miles.  I walked the next 3.  I got running again after I thought I couldn't.  The time wasn't the part that mattered.  Running with the Mr, the moon, the shooting stars, the sunrise, the desert.  We took pictures, we took it all in.  I achieved my goal of finishing the race with time spare to check out the Little A-Le-Inn.  They even have a flying saucer in the parking lot!

Post race

After 2 hours on a bus with the rest of the sweaty tired runners, no sleep and running through the night, the very first thing we wanted when we got back to Vegas was a Jack In The Box!  We didn't even change (sorry other customers), just drove straight there.  It was so damn good.

We were stiff for a couple of days and had a few blisters but nothing that stopped us from hiking and kayaking.  

Now that we're back and it's done I feel a bit lost.  Except....we are registered for a Half this weekend in Edmonton - oh right.  Before ET became a thing I decided I would PR it - shit!!  Should I be tapering from my recovery?


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