Fitness and Liberty! No Donuts.

I was checking out the calendar on the way back from Dairy Queen yesterday and I have 5 weeks to go until the UK trip.  I'm not going to lie to you, there were deep fried things and ice creamy things going on.  It's time to get organized to work on fitness and weight loss.  No more ice cream.

I already run and have Bodyweight classes weekly so I'm thinking of adding a few different elements to set up a varied plan, it's high time I got back to some Zumba.


...being a 'Merica fan, I just ordered a gorgeous pair of Liberty shorts (by INKnBURN and made in America of course) in fact you can consider them my goal shorts.  Every time I think about chocolate...or donuts...or ice cream I will picture myself in them and stop all muffin-top inducing actions at once.

These shorts are crazy cute, the design with the wrap across section in back is amazingly flattering on one's arse.  Even mine.  I have a feeling they won't last long, check them out right here.

HEY, maybe I should add a race in the US....?!  Any suggestions?  Maybe this fitness plan is going to be awesome.


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