Moving Ahead & One Good Run

Taking it back

For the next 5 weeks I am going to stay accountable to a clean nutrition and fitness plan and frankly it's about bloody time.  I have already done week 1.  We can call this the 'common sense and hard work' plan.  Also, my goal shorts have arrived.

Starting weight 134.4, end of week one 132.8.  Goal - under 130 before the UK trip.

I have felt like crap since about March, very very low energy at best.  I've felt like lying down right there and not moving during Bodyweight, runs and even in races which is just not normal for me. I had blood tests, nothing showed up.  It has absolutely sucked.  It wasn't until last week that I saw a change (a big change) so hopefully I've finally knocked whatever the problem is on its arse. 

The good run

Saturday night at 9:30 I put on shoes and headed out for a run.  I love running in the evening and didn't have a set distance so if I could even get a good 5k in then all would be happy.  Right from the get go I felt good, I had energy.

I went down into Fish Creek which I haven't done in a while and since I felt happy continued on to the McKenzie bridge and looped back.  There were bugs galore on the way out so I was hoping for less on the route back. 

If you've ever run across the 22x bridge in late evening you will know why I picked up to a sprint over there.  Holy crap so many bugs in my face, everywhere - these ones were quite big so when I got one in my eye it wasn't pleasant.

I got home in the dark after 16k feeling like myself again.  Finally.  At times over the last few months I wondered if I was just tired/fat/lazy/undertrained but no, this was entirely different physically.  Sure I got tired, but only typical running tired and I can push through that.

Have you ever had periods of low energy?  What helped you? 


  1. Sometimes the low energy thing just happens, and all you need is a chance to sleep in. Other times it's like you're dragging your butt no matter what you do for sleep, eating, adjusting workouts, anything at all. I think there are just times you need a break, and if you don't take it, your body will make you take it. So all those people shouting "no pain, no gain" "push push push" "never quit" and the like, I have to say, leave me alone. I'm the one that has to recover from an injury if I'm stupid enough to listen to your rah rah rah. There's a fine line between going into the well to get to a goal, and overdoing it into burnout.

    1. Yep, that makes sense :) You always have to do what works for you at whatever point you're at and don't listen to all the constantly circulating crap on social media. Another post in there I suspect...

  2. Sometimes when seasons change i struggle. Frankly june is a hard month...maybe cause of all the MAY crazyness? And sometimes all that "rah rah lookit me go I am smiling and awesome" makes me want to box their ears. Hard to not pay attention and do your own thing sometimes. or, not feel that you aren't doing it right cause your pics dont look like thiers -- you know what i mean! July means more JuMP SHOTS

    1. Absolutely, it's tough when everyone is achieving everything and you can barely make it out the damn door. Jump! Jump! Wait, now there's a song in my head....

    2. HAHAHAHAH it slike when I hear Fuck You...I get a a Lily Allen song in me head! :-)


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