Run for Water 5k June 13, 2015

The first time we ran this race was back in 2012 when it was held in September.  Run for Water has happily returned in 2015 with a new June date.  This year around 700 runners came out for the 5 and 10k races which were very well organized.  There was an option at registration to donate your race T back which I thought was excellent.

The 10k headed out first then we lined up for the 5k at 9:15.  The weather was perfect for running, cloudy and not too hot.  I probably started out too fast as the first km was my quickest (5:45) then it slid to 6:00+.  Another tough race, I seemed to have no energy so maybe my Red Bull experiment was 'not good'!

I walked way too much and seriously contemplated a nice lie down a couple of times.  Watching the kids run beside us was really entertaining, they'd sprint all out then walk, then sprint again.  Speedy little things.  I ran from the Peace Bridge to the finish beside a girl who was pushing hard so I just tried to keep up with her.

Final time 30:19 which I am very happy with given how awful I felt.  Kev came in 6th overall and just missed a PR.

All in all it was an awesome race, the snackies after are also getting my seal of approval.  (There was fruit too which I had nothing to do with).

I got a chance to say hello to Jenny who does a ton of work on this race and her Mr who you may recognize from the Olympics.   And....

...$71,000 was raised to bring clean water to the village of Dorze Bele, Ethiopia!


  1. Awesome! Nice work, Susan - way to push through. I want to do this race next year!

    1. Thank you! It is a great event, we'll be back next year too :)


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