Oh Look It's June!

Well there goes half of 2015 already - yikes.  I caught myself telling people I didn't have any big goal races this year then remembered that little 12 hour thing I did in February (a million years ago).  Should I add another big race in 2015?  I don't know.

Coming up

Run for Water 5k on Saturday
MEC Race Four 5k next Saturday

My 5k PR is from last year the day before a marathon and a couple of weeks ago I ran one after a Half.  I'd like to know where I'm actually at with this little beast and maybe look at training for a decent PR.  Running fast feels awesome and I haven't done much of it lately....it might be interesting to change my focus away from long distances and try a speedy focus.

What else?

The UK/Dublin/Iceland trip is at the very end of July which gives me 6 weeks to lose a stubborn 4 lbs.   The plan is to get under 130.  Who knew 4 teeny pounds could get this STUCK?

Also we are going to need 3 different types of currency for this adventure and have to remember which side of the road to drive on (UK left, Iceland right).  Awesome!

Love this

Off the sofa, out of the fridge and onward!


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