2 Months 2 Marathons

In 2014 I ran my second and third marathons one month apart so I'm quite pleased about the extra time this go around.  It's not a case of wanting to cram races into a short timeframe, I want to end 2015 on a marathon (done!) and start 2016 with one.  Is that more logical or less?  Nevermind.

Training ideally looks like this: 2 weeks recovery, 4 weeks training, 2 weeks taper.  What it is actually going to look like is this: 3 weeks recovery, 4 weeks training, 1 week taper.

Long runs: off/5/10/15/20 (I am here) /25/30/15 km.  The slow start is down to pain in my right shin after LV but the Superfeet inserts I'm using seem to have cleared this up and have also helped my Achilles stiffness a bunch, bonus.

Between the long runs I'm strength training and doing either hills or speedwork.  Except for last week when I had the hellplague and achieved nothing whatsoever.

I've mostly been on the Treadmill so far where I've learned a few things:

How to run a consistent pace with no breaks/walking
How to push through mentally when I realize I've been staring at the car/garage wall for over an hour
It is a bad idea to drop Kleenex on the belt.


  1. Oh come on ... I bet you do look like that freak!

  2. My first visit to your blog... hi! How did the marathons go? :D

    1. Hi Una, welcome! The second one is on Jan 17th so I'll let you know all about it :) Happy New Year!


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