Fave Five: Running Things I Found This Year

INKnBURN sports bras

I am a 34 C or D and really didn't think this would give me a ton of support. Well hell yes it does. Way more than Nike or VSX which I was wearing before.  My Chameleon (medium size) is by far my favourite bra and I have Paeon coming in the mail as we speak. I marathon tested this one and it gets full approval for support, comfort and zero chafing.

I finally got a chance to visit with these guys at RnR Las Vegas and I was immediately impressed with how soft and colourful their wraps are. I picked up 2 to wear for my LV races and have ordered a couple of custom logos for upcoming marathons, that's a really cool feature they offer on the website.

Brooks Pure Connect

Found by accident at Sports Authority. I had a coupon to use and they didn't carry Pure Flows. I wore them out the box to a PR, then throughout marathon training. I'm finding them a bit softer then the Flows but still with the Brooks fit I love. Perfect. Yeah, I ordered a couple of extra pairs.  Should I get more?

Recently I decided to add to my enormous collection of 1 pair of socks! The 3 pair grab bag calf sleeves are so colourful, I'm excited to try these out next year. The XS fits very well in length and is nice and tight. I was so impressed I ordered the grab bag socks for me and Kev, there was a crazy deal with a further discount on top. Super duper!

I don't technically 'need' gels on my runs as I use Tailwind but I'm finding these are a real treat during training.  There's nothing wrong with changing things up a bit.  The Maple Bacon and Salted Caramel are my favourites.  I somehow got an entire box of SC back on a flight in hand luggage after getting over excited at the Van expo.  (Note: I emptied the box and put the packs in clear plastic bags for security and was nervous the whole time).

Did you find anything new and fun this year?


  1. I love pro compression (and I am not paid to say that!) lol They are awesome. I like your bra. Looks like it holds everything in! (That's a must) I have never owned a pair of Brooks - maybe in 2016. I hate spending $$ on shoes when I don't know if I am going to like them or not.

    1. Awesome! I'm excited for the socks to arrive. When I find a pair of shoes that are just perfect I kind of want 230 pairs..... runner problems :)


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