I thought it was Friday

It's not, it's Thursday.

December Run Challenge

I'm joining Steff's challenge this month, she's in my favourite city and it makes me happy to connect and keep moving over the month de freeze.  Check it out and join in here.

AZ Marathon training

Slow progress with the shin pain, the plan is 10k this weekend and I've shelved speed training another week.  I'm still strength training twice a week with a few modifications.  My training plan for long runs has a gradual build followed by a 30k then taper. 

In 2014 Fleet Feet Pgh checked my stride and made insoles to push me away from the right side of my foot onto my big toe.  Since I wasn't having issues (if it ain't broke...) I didn't use them but they are literally the reason I managed 5k pain free on the weekend.  I'm walking in them also right now and noticing a big difference.  Find a way!


InknBurn has been all about the new designs this year, but right now you can order a 'mystery' cami to receive one of the classics from the vault.  I have a feeling a few more things might get released over the next little while so keep an eye on the website.  Heaven knows I am.

The Christmas photo

My Gran is having a tough go of it in hospital so we wanted to take a photo to cheer her up.  Here is the result.  A cat is missing but what can you do.  Jack is the only creature in the photo voluntarily.  

She has always had so much compassion for the furry things of the world, I love her so much for that.


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