Craft Project: Race PhotoBook

When I started running I kept a race scrapbook just for fun.  That was pretty easy in 2011 (3 races) and 2012 (5 races).  In 2014 I was looking at 20 races and didn't have the time or space or money to do much with them.  Bibs were piling up.  When I was buying Marathon Foto pics a Shutterfly discount code was added to the package so I had a look.

One thing led to another, I give you my 2014 race book:

This one cost me $42.  Much more cost efficient than buying stickers and scrapbooks then printing photos to add.  There are a few cool features, you can select backgrounds and fonts/colours and change them up for each page. There are different photo layouts and sizes, plus digital stickers you can position and add wherever you like.

I added a race bib opposite my photos on each page.

The photo quality is excellent and you can choose book size so measure bibs before you select!

You don't have to do it all in one shot either, it can be ongoing over a week or two as your project is saved online.

I'm sharing just because it worked for me and it's such a fun way to capture your race memories.  There's usually a coupon on the site.  I'll be putting together my 2015 edition shortly!


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