2016 Goals


I've really been enjoying all the 2016 posts about goals and exciting things happening for everyone this year, so I got to thinking about what I'd like to see in the year ahead.

6 for 2016

Run a marathon
I would like to complete a marathon every year.  There's something I find absolutely wonderful about the distance, it's tough and it makes me feel like I'm a runner (still something I struggle with).  On tap for 2016: Arizona Jan 17 and Pittsburgh May 1.

Run my third ultra
Add a huge scary ass challenge to 2016. Register knowing I will never truly feel trained enough and just have a go at it.  Taking a step over the start line and trying is better than being afraid.

Deal with the credit line
We travelled a lot for races last year and the US/Cdn exchange rate was not my friend.  I did not chip down the credit line at all and this year needs to be different.  I've started out badly by buying NFL tickets for the AZ trip.

Mindful eating
Weight issues aside I've noticed I have strong mood reactions to certain foods.  This is why I rarely drink.  I'm trying to recognize that the hour I spend eating that deep fried thing/ice cream/junk is not worth the week of depression afterwards.  Sounds simple right?

REM saying it better than me

Little big things
I'd like to get better at; not comparing myself to others, speaking up more when I disagree with something, being more patient, appreciating the little things and not permitting the life and energy to be sucked out of me by negative people.  By the way I find talking about myself and my issues online weird and awkward, maybe I'll add that to the 2017 list.

Things to continue from 2015
Consistently strength training twice a week, hitting my training run distances and trying out new stuff like kickboxing with Kev (still bruised).  [Does that count as a date?]  I've kept everything rolling over Christmas/New Year and actually feel great coming into 2016 as opposed to out of shape and 10 lbs overweight which has been the norm.



  1. That's a great 6. What ultra are you thinking about? Only 6 more days - are you excited about Pittisburgh? I struggle with comparison too. I am with you with the "negative" people. They do suck the life out of you. Stay strong & positive.

    1. Can't wait for Pittsburgh, I miss my friends down there a bunch. There are so many really interesting ultras out there but it's tough travelling so we'll likely do something in driving range. Any suggestions? :) Hope I can see you this year somewhere or another!


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