I'm back from a pretty awesome weekend in Arizona.  As usual it takes actually running a marathon to remind me of how damn difficult they are and how effing good for the soul they are.

My AZ goals....

I would really like to enjoy running this marathon WITHOUT having some kind of mental crisis before the halfway point BUT still finish in a time I'm happy with AND ideally with a PR of under 5:15.

^^^ That happened, all of it.  I have these feelings:

There's a ton to work on before the next one, but there were a lot of great things in this race. I am most happy with the mental aspect.  I finally got that right.

Race reports to follow soon.


So the Pittsburgh Marathon will be number 6...

It's like I planned it, right? It makes perfect sense to me that marathon 6 should be in the 6 time Super Bowl champion city.  If you are not-crazy you may think this is odd.  That's okay.  We can still be friends.


  1. I am a different kind of crazy! Love your passion & determination to get it done. Go forth now and run!


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