Rock n Roll AZ 5k Jan 16, 2016

We stayed at the Best Western Inn Tempe for this trip, despite being rather close to the well-lit Dream Palace (can you guess what that is?) it was quiet with a comfortable bed and great shower.  Our exchange rate is dreadful and it was also cheap = winning.  Yogurtland across the road, bonus.

Pre-race fuel = WestJet cookies.  I hate eating before a race.

For the Saturday 5k we do the 10min drive over to complimentary parking since the morning is cool and it won't get light until we're nearer the start.  Super easy.  As usual I firmly believe I have forgotten how to run.

There's a bit of time to catch up with our Run It Fast friend Jamila (she's a rockstar who runs for Team RWB) then we head over to corrals.  I'm pretending to be warm.  Honestly, it isn't cold as such but the humidity is giving the air a chill.  A lot of people are wearing tights and long sleeves....and woolly hats.  I am wearing this:

I'm in corral 1 which is then split into 2 waves, if you are unlucky and at the very front of wave 2 you will notice an extra 30 secs on your time as the front row of runners is stopped over the timing mat (sorry Kev).

Km 1  (6:00)  Across a bridge then a right turn immediately uphill into Tempe.  The sun is just coming up and it's lovely.  The runners are nicely spread out.

Km 2  (5:51)  Follow Curry Rd, slightly more uphill before a descent - much better.  I'm enjoying this.

Km 3  (5:52)  Turn south then run past a park, we are actually very close to our hotel.  The halfway point passes with a water station.  Under the freeway, join the river pathway.

Km 4  (5:55)  Still running by feel, not pushing this race.  Another uphill to climb away from the river onto the last bridge.  Not loving that bit.

Km 5  (5:32)  Getting much warmer now.  Cross the bridge, then there's a nice curving downhill into the finish chute.  Love this part!  Sometimes the finish line seems very far away but today it is right there.

Add a few seconds for the last little bit and we are done.  Final time 29:29.  Last year I struggled so hard to get my 5k time under 30, today I ran it pretty easily.  Success.

We bump into Ryan at the end (hurrah!) before heading home fairly quickly to eat then have a rest before the football game.  It's going to be a busy weekend.


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