The Pre-Marathon Post

Hey!  The countdown to Arizona is on!

Can't look away, can you?

The Schedule

Saturday 5k at 8 am, (eat things), NFL Cardinals vs Green Bay at 6:15 pm (don't eat junk)
Sunday Marathon at 7:50 am, (eat things) Steelers on TV at 2:40 pm (eat everything)

Note: If you're interested you could also add an NHL game on Saturday at 12 pm.  I'm having the self control and not doing this.  Shocking I know.


I would really like to enjoy running this marathon WITHOUT having some kind of mental crisis before the halfway point BUT still finish in a time I'm happy with AND ideally with a PR of under 5:15.

There it is. All my goals smooshed into a blob, in order.

It's going to be interesting to see how the mostly treadmill based training I've done between Las Vegas and now translates into the marathon.

Bring it on number 5!


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