Back from the Burgh

I'm back and I sorta forgot I had a blog for a bit there (sorry but it was wonderful).

Let's talk about the race. I didn't get my A or even B goal in the marathon, it went a bit of a different route - hell and back?  Nothing dramatic, just tough.  Journey > destination.  Report coming soon (ish).  It was lovely to be around people who just thought it was cool (and/or stupid) that I ran the damn thing.

I can't seem to find a way to describe spending time with my best friends without sounding like a great sappy arse. There was hockey, there was beer, there was eating, there was hugging.  BEST.

Current state of affairs; refusing to weigh myself and back to strength training tomorrow.  Buggar.


  1. huzzzah you have returned!!! do NOT weigh yourself forcrissakes!!! also. want a donut? You forged (get the steel ref there) that damn mary and it was conquered!! And then so were beers. GOOD TIMES my friend. oh and i let John grope me to cheer you is that for friendship, right??

    1. YES donuts! And yes you did, that was SO NICE of you ;) So much joy in one little gesture :D


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