Calgary Half Race Strategy

I've been thinking about this and on May 29th I have decided to run the race naked. Yes, naked. And by that I mean I'm not wearing a Garmin. You knew what I meant. Didn't you?

I'm going to see what it feels like to run on effort and feel rather than by pace. It's a bit of a throwback to my first ever Half in Calgary before I owned a GPS device...which I really enjoyed. No watch, no pressure.

As there's a Superhero theme this year I'm still figuring out an outfit. It may not be your idea of a conventional character that's for sure but it will be interesting!

I'll also be earning one of these beauts.

Online registration closes Monday and races are filling up so if you've been waiting to register, stop doing that and get on it!

I'm ready to line up for my 6th consecutive Calgary Marathon event next weekend and I am EXCITED.

With lovely ForeRunners Tina & Rachel

Calgary are you ready to give 'er?!

*As a ForeRunner I was given a race entry for 2016, however all opinions, thoughts and feelings are entirely my own.


  1. Could you imagine if someone actually showed up naked? Haha. Pretty sure I remember reading about a blogger in the states that ran a naked race. I feel like things would be bouncing too much that it wouldn't be fun ;)

  2. I'm not sure I'd enter a race that would accept me running naked, things flying everywhere :) Can you imagine? No wait, don't...


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