Color Me Naked, a Skirt and Ink

Welcome to Thursday, that day when it seems like the weekend might actually get here. Here's all the random stuff whirling around in my brain, thank you Amanda for providing an outlet for the crazy. Read the linkup post to find out what I'm going on about.

I accidentally got rid of a channel that apparently most of the shows I watch are on during the epic cable cost downsizing event of 2016.  Since someone added HBO back for Game of Thrones the cost saving has gone all to shit so I might as well add the damn thing back.  I did enjoy the brief moment of paying less.

Someone found my blog with a search for 'Color Me Rad 5k naked' this week.  There's an interesting and fun idea don't you think?  I'm surprised this isn't a thing yet.  Not sure about the before photos though and could we have it at night?

I got my last tattoo in 2014 after finding Maui Atomic online before our trip.  I fell in love with Teddi's style and sent her my work of art sharpie drawing/vision (on my own foot) of what I was looking for.

She turned it into this:

I love this thing to the moon and back.  The turtle is for my first marathon (Kaua'i), the sun my first ultra (ET Full Moon - we ran through till dawn) and the lyrics are from REM's I've Been High which (to me) is about depression and life's occasional brilliant light.  It took about 2 hours and wasn't nearly as painful as I'd heard foot tattoos would be.  It wasn't FUN exactly either.  We did it on the last day so the flight back with a bandaged swollen foot and no shoe was awesome.

And yes, I also think it's about time for another one.

Photo credit

I have never owned a running skirt but this lovely INKnBURN Ryu (and Larisa Dannis in it) has been taunting me for weeks so I have finally caved and ordered it.  This should be an interesting experiment.  Prepare to be excited by a review of a sports skirt from someone with large thighs.

I'm running my 28th Half marathon on Sunday in Calgary, exactly 4 years after after the first one.  My third Half was a PR (Detroit) then I didn't see another PR until Half 26 (Vancouver last year).  Interesting how that goes isn't it?  Never say die!


  1. Holy crap - 28th half-marathon? That's awesome. I am still around the 10-mark or so. I love that pic of you – waving to your fans!

    1. Well, quality over quantity is also a thing, there's a few less than shining results in there!


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