I've been knackered since I got back and I picked up a bonus sinus infection this week so I'm really happy there's been a long weekend to regroup.  Last time we ran Pittsburgh we also ran Red Deer, once again I'm sick and the weather is nasty so I'm glad I'm not dealing with that. 

LOTS of things happening in May/June.

Pittsburgh (May 1) - I trained hard for this marathon and I had a bad race. That really sucks. Maybe if I'd done this or not that and something else happened....whatever, meh, still sucks.

Calgary Half (May 29) - I want to enjoy running and that's all I'm looking for on race day.  That's actually a big deal for me, I like running for the most part.  True story.

San Diego 5k & Half (June 4/5) - Push myself a bit more, see how it feels. I'm hoping to have my energy back by this time. I thought about upping to the full but I've decided to stick with the original plan. This looks like a fantastic race.

Seattle Marathon (June 18) - Marathon #7. It's on. Figure out pace & fueling and pick up the right watch on race morning (insert smiley face). Run a smart race. This makes for 4 maras in 7 months, 3 of those with RnR. There are a couple of rather large hills at 20 then 25 miles but that just makes it interesting, right? 

Training in between all of this involves strength, Cize, tempo and hill runs. My legs feel pretty good again, so I'll really just be trying not to lose conditioning.


  1. Have fun in Calgary this weekend. Wish I could be there (no really I wanted to be there to cheer on the runners but I'm in #yeg for conference.)

    1. Thanks Crystal, things are always more fun when you're around :)

  2. all the fun! i am so jelly...though we will have all the fun in Calgary...i will do my damndest to chase you the entire way!

    1. It's going to be an awesome race on Sunday! I will see you out there.


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