Pittsburgh Marathon 5k April 30, 2016

Since we last ran the 5k and marathon in 2014, the 'Steel Challenge' has been introduced to the weekend which means not only enjoying 2 beautiful courses but earning an extra medal for running Sat/Sun.  Okay, that works, we can do that.

After we take the T over to PNC, the first item on the agenda is finding SCRR for the group picture.


This race has about twice as many runners than in 2014, there are even pacers this time around.  Gear check is easy and we get right into the start corral, Kev goes ahead and I hang out behind the 9:30 pacer.  I have no idea how to approach this race.

Then Brandi appears next to me - awesome!  We're both INKnBURN and Rock n Blog ambassadors and got the chance to meet in fabulous Las Vegas last year.  Since neither of us really has a goal we'll start out together and see how it goes.  I'm so excited to run with a friend today, the marathon tomorrow is freaking me out a bit.

We start a few minutes late then off we go into the North Side.  I figure I'll just try to stick with Brandi though we do put down a pretty speedy first km.  There are puppies, firefighters in full uniform and a couple of turnarounds.  I think we pass Kev but he's going pretty fast. After the race he claims we didn't see him because we were taking a selfie.  Yep:

Before you know it we're heading for the Warhol Bridge to get back into downtown.  Since we're doing a decent pace I ask Brandi what her 5k PR is. Interesting...

We regroup before hitting the bridge then enjoy the hell out of it.  The sun has come out and it really is beautiful.  Hello Pittsburgh!  A couple of people pass us, one is making the other yell how awesome she is.  WE'RE DOING THAT.  Brandi IS awesome, she's hurting but pushing through and killing it.  

We regroup again after the bridge and get ready to bring it home.....  

...and we do, look who ran a 31 sec PR!  It was amazing watching someone dig deep and 100% GIVE 'ER.  

Afterwards I catch up with Kev and we head over to Point State Park as the sun is out and it is glorious.  There's candy floss!  And Eat'nPark mini smiley cookies!  Someone knows how to nail a race here.

The medals are not released prior to this race BUT the 5k medal is usually a little version of tomorrow's bling so that's a really interesting way to do the reveal.

Reppin' SCRR in our new singlets!

Check our Brandi's race report here.  Why yes, I did steal a bunch of her photos.


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