2 Weeks to Edmonton + Goals

It's time for the traditional pre-marathon post.  We are only two weeks out (in fact slightly less) from the Edmonton Marathon.  Oh my.

I had a fantastic training plan set out which I deleted out of frustration a couple of weeks ago after not hitting any targets.  Running has been extremely hard for me this month, my mental game has not been there.  Instead of focusing on what I wasn't doing I decided to celebrate every little thing I was doing.  Every. Damn. Step.

That is also going to be my race strategy.

I will be running the full marathon on August 19 and these are my goals:
  • Finish the race
  • Under 6 hours
Will I be happy with that?  You bet I will.  I will be delighted. I need to prove to myself I can do this, at all.  Sometimes you are lucky enough to be considering PRs, sometimes you have to be realistic and celebrate the finish.  Sometimes you are lucky to even earn a finish.

Note: This year the marathon has a 2:55 hr cutoff at Jasper and 96th (must pass before 9:55 am), just before the half point. That's roughly an 8:16 pace/km.

Let's Rock.

*I am an ambassador for the 2018 Edmonton Marathon however all thoughts, opinions, anxiety and excitement are 100% my own.


  1. i hope i can run some of those miles with you....dare I suggest a curseoff??

    1. I'll be involved in one regardless of any other participants! :)


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