On Tap This Weekend - Smoke?

We've been having huge air quality issues with smoke from 500+ BC fires this week. At this stage the weather is still forecast to bring a north wind and push the smoke out of Edmonton for Sunday.  I took this on the way home from Seattle a couple of weeks ago.  It's an awful state of affairs.  Apparently over 50% of these are human caused, let's do a bit better shall we?

Edmonton went orange and we went to Silent Hill.

Edmonton from CBC

Calgary from CBC

Air quality has been rated 10 and 10+ most of the week.  Obviously it would be stupidity to run in that.  It is looking better, at least briefly, for the weekend though.

I was reminded of this post when thinking about a race strategy, essential runner reading.  And also, here is my whole entire race strategy.  I have used this before and dammit I will again:

It me....


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