Kendall Katwalk (Pacific Crest Trail)

After the epic Twin Peaks Festival we added a day to see what amazing things were in the gorgeous WA mountains surrounding us (apart from the owls not being what they seem).  I chose this trail as it had views and lakes via old growth forest.  The Katwalk section is blasted into a cliff face.

Kendall Katwalk and beyond     25km     910m elevation gain

We started out on Monday morning at 8am and it was really very quiet on the trail, mostly we encountered through-hikers.  The first 8km of trail was through forest with views in clearings here and there.  We crossed over a section of scree and spotted this little thing....

We could hear the highway below until we climbed out of the trees.  I thought we'd lose that noise much sooner.

Snoqualmie Pass --->

It was a very pleasant relatively gentle climb which eventually opened up to reveal the ski area below and Red Mountain ahead.  Temps were high at 34° and full sun with some smoke, which meant no view of Mt Rainier.  Boo.

Here I am on the edge of Kendall Katwalk.  It wasn't as narrow as I expected, there's plenty room on the trail.  The views changed from one end to the other as you passed over the top of a cliff, it was gorgeous.

It was so beautiful we just kept going until we had a view of Gravel Lake.

The mosquitos were crazy so we couldn't sit for long.  I would have loved to get in the lake right about then.

Also this one on the other side of the trail.

Heading back you can see the Katwalk start.  It's a decent dropoff to the side.

Looking back, it's quite hazy in the distance.

This is the far end before you turn right towards the descent back into forest.

The trail was incredibly dusty, I had to leave a big gap between us and still got dirt in my face.  We spotted Eastern Red Columbine on the way down.  Ours is all yellow so of course I found it exciting.

It was scorchio, I was happy to see water trickling down the rocks at the side of us in several places so I could insert my head.

After running out of water about 2k before the end of the trail we headed straight for the Snoqualmie Pass grocery store to load up on ice cream and lemonade.  So good.


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