Pittsburgh Training - 35 Days to Marathon

Here we are 3 weeks into what I consider the 'core' part of training with another 3 left to go.  I've been consistent with hills, speed repeats, and strength training and I can see steady improvements while also feeling so much stronger - big win!  My long runs have been fairly hellish however.  I wasn't expecting to have fresh legs after 'that February race in LV' and just three weeks after it I was right back at marathon training.  I'm toughing out the long runs, they are not pretty but they are getting done.....eventually.

I have chosen to go with less of the very long runs based on how tired I am - tired mentally as much as physically.  Bear in mind I already did a 45 mile last month, not sure I've seen that on any marathon plans, definitely not my own.  I have 20 miles coming up at the weekend then I'll split another long run over Sat/Sun like I did back in 2017 (15 mi/10 mi).  Maybe some of the ice will have melted by then!  I've been checking the ridge obsessively for flowers, so far nothing.  Stay tuned on Insta for 435769 flower posts.

I honestly just can't wait to cross the finish line of my 12th marathon.  There is no feeling like it in the world.  All the hard work is so worth it.  I will earn and enjoy every bit of my Smiley Cookie!  Then I'll wear my awesome new Pittsburgh Marathon Goodrs forever.

By the way...

I'm on my last fresh pair of Brooks PureConnect 4's.  MY LAST PAIR.  I don't have anything to even compare with how amazing these shoes feel on my feet.  I have been hoarding them since 2015 when Brooks discontinued the entire PureConnect range.  Still not okay with that.

My very first pair came out of the box and took me straight to a 5k PR.  All the feelings.  I will miss you my lovelies.

The Pittsburgh Marathon is worthy of my last pair *sheds tear*.


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