Pittsburgh Training - 60 Days to Marathon

In 60 days I will be lining up in Corral D on Liberty Avenue for my 12th marathon, 4th Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and 100th race since I started running in 2011.  Every one of those things is a little bit special to me.

In the past I have trained as hard and as much as possible, always going into PGH with thoughts of a marathon PR or a sub 5 hr attempt.  This year my main race goal is to absorb and enjoy the sights, sounds, people and greyhounds (and maybe beer) as much as possible while running what I consider to be a steady, respectable time.

Here's what weekly training looks like:

2 strength training (at lunch on workdays)
Long run
Speed repeats
Hills (at lunch on workday) starting after the snow/ice melts - unless that's July


Just a little bit different from my usual.  I am running out a few Zumba sessions at the start, then I'll give that a break.  

The biggest challenge will be coming back from super-slow ultra pace training to less-slow marathon pace.  The second biggest challenge will be the Pens making the playoffs.  Yes that's important.

I ran my first actual miles after Vegas at the weekend, my toenails are still very angry and undecided about staying with me but I was delighted to get in a decent run.  Pittsburgh is all about MOVING this year and if I'm doing that, everything is good.

Run happy!


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