Virtually Rockin'

I remember signing up for the very first Rock n Roll virtual race in 2015.  I was training for RnR Arizona and used it for motivation to get in 30k on my ancient third hand treadmill, in the garage, in the middle of winter.  I've since been spoiled with Sven and a lovely basement space where this medal hangs now amid my other RnR stuff.

That one led to a bunch of others, I've done all the RnR virtual series since they started. Usually it's a series of 3 x 5k with a bonus medal.  The Winter Runningland set have been great motivation for getting out in the snow.

Things I love about virtuals; you can pick your own time and distance, choose terrain - trails, roads or treadmill, no pressure, set your own time goals....(or not!) and then cool stuff arrives in the mail.

Running can get quite serious, this is how I remind myself it can (and should be) fun.  It's also not always possible to travel to races so you can enjoy a bit of Rock n Roll in your own home or on your pathways anytime you like.  Let me know when the next one is.


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