Twin Peaks - The Return 2019

I thought 2018 would be my 'once in a lifetime' trip to Twin Peaks Fest, but then I realized so many of the people I met were going again in 2019....and I could do everything all over again.  And well, there's the pie.  We booked a motel as soon as dates were released and I was able to get tickets the morning they went on sale.  Breathe.

Last year the date coincided with a big 2 day marathon and I was so focused on not-running I didn't even realize it was on until we saw runners.  This year we are earlier by two weeks (July 12-14) and that has made things so much easier with accommodation.  Last year we were out at Snoqualmie Pass, this year smack in the middle of North Bend a mere 4 minute walk from Twede's (home of the pie).

Here's the guest list as of when I booked tickets on Feb 23rd.

Dr Jacoby! Leo! What is this madness?!  Will Rebekah Del Rio sing No Stars?

We are going a day early this year and visiting Laura's beach before heading over to North Bend.  I may need a hardware store en route.


See you in the trees......or if you're a fish I'll see you in the percolator.


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