2019 Edmonton Pre-Marathon Post

I can't believe it's almost marathon time.  You know what that means, it's time for 'that post' again.  Have I written a variation of this post 13 times?  Probably.  For the first time ever I'm running the same marathon on the same course for 3 consecutive years.  I find the Edm course very appealing, it's neat and easy to break into portions mentally.

Training has been interesting, and isn't it always.  I have trained more consistently for this race then either of the last two attempts however this is also the heaviest I've been while running, and probably ever in my life.  Not ideal.  During the race I will be doing run/walk intervals.

Without further ado:


Don't get injured
Enjoy the journey

Simple.  I don't have time goals, in fact I am thinking of taking the early start as I imagine we're looking at a 6 hour ballpark.  A finish is a victory.  Such victory!

Ready or not, here we come.

Hey, this is the very last race I have on my schedule!  I am excited!


*I am an official ambassador for the 2019 Edmonton Marathon and have received complimentary race entry.  All thoughts and opinions are my own as always. 


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