On a Break

I took this photo out of a car window back when cameras had film in them and you had to get your photos developed at Boots.  I wasn't a runner yet.  19-years-ago me was probably thinking about pancakes and butter pecan syrup.  I certainly wasn't thinking about Forrest Gump.

After finding, loving, killing, obsessing over, struggling with, and lately resenting running I am taking a break for the first time in 8 years.  A break from races, training plans and spreadsheets/apps/tracking devices.  A break from structure and stress.  Every weekend I wake up knowing I'm supposed to be doing a long run and not wanting to do it.

This is long overdue (about a year), but being somewhat optimistic I kept expecting to get my mojo back so I added a race, then another race, then another.  Finally FINALLY there are no more races.

We are on a break.  Status -  friends with endorphin benefits.  Running can just be running for a while.

And I say, it's alright.


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