Iceberg Lake (Glacier, MT)

Iceberg Lake     10 miles    550 m elevation gain  (August long weekend 2019)

After a great trip in 2018, we booked two nights in Glacier NP for 2019 (FYI reservations open a year in advance and they go fast).  On day one we drove down to the park in the morning (20 min wait at the US border) and immediately hiked.  The weather was spectacular, around 27 degrees and so much sun.

I always check trail conditions on Instagram before deciding which one to do and Iceberg looked like it had an amazing abundance of wildflowers.  Last year was cold, we hiked over snow and were mostly surrounded by cloud so I thought it would be nice to see it in full summer mode.  We started out at 11 am.

There was a welcoming committee en route.  This could be a postcard.

The climb was nice and gradual, this really is a pleasant hike.  Last year we hit snow before reaching the unnamed tarn, this year....

Flowers!  Meadows full of them.  No filter.

This was all under snow last year, I had no idea it would be this spectacular in August.

The flowers continued all the way to Iceberg Lake.  There's a deer midway up this shot lying in the sun, almost impossible to spot.

Here you go.  You definitely need a camera with a zoom on these hikes.

There were approximately 1.5 icebergs on the lake.  Here's the biggest one.  It had been extremely hot over the last week.

It was quite busy at the lakeshore so we climbed up the scree to the left.  Ideally, I wanted a different view from last time.  So worth it. 

Soon we had visitors.

3 deer and 1.5 icebergs.

We waited for the deer to move on before coming down but it turns out they were going that way anyway.

Eventually the prospect of dinner tore us away from the flowers.  Fear not, I am on another dirt trail here, not traipsing all over the natural beauty. 

About halfway down you cross the top of a waterfall, perfect for submerging bandanas on a hot day.  It was scorchio on the descent.

This is home for the next two days.  Isn't it perfect?

Every evening there is a viewing party that rotates between this hillside and the one opposite the Inn.  They are watching 2 bears and a moose.  Bring binoculars!  I couldn't see a thing.


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