Fit to Fat to Fuck It

I keep seeing Transformation Tuesday pics and so here is mine showing the opposite trend for Thursday.  There were worse photos from Edmonton but I wasn't about to spend any cash on them.

I really enjoyed that marathon in Seattle.  Looking at the photos reminded me how much I loved to run.  It appears I am still nailing the calf sleeve game.  Can I also say that INKnBURN skirts are actual magic?  

Now that I've had some space to think, I've registered for a Zumba class at work starting next week and I plan to lose some of the crazy amount of weight I've gained over the last year and a half by doing things I enjoy.

I'll be stealing Kev's clothes for that class because very few of my things fit me right now.  It will be very hard for me to stand in front of a mirror.  

That's the beauty of life though, your options to start over are unlimited.  Yesterday I was depressed and barely had the energy to function but that doesn't mean there's no hope for tomorrow.  In the meantime it's as simple as doing.  I'm just going to do some stuff.

Stuff that does not stress me out.  Back to basics.

Very tentative goals for 2020 would include running (actually running) a respectable Half at some point, maybe Calgary.  I'm also contemplating an interesting and different race to focus and motivate me.  But first I need to lose some of this uncomfortable weight.

I'm ready.


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