51k Training In Progress

The decision to run an ultra this year was down to how well the 2 marathons in 30 days went (and a flight sale!)  They went really well.  Since we already have a training base and zero injuries (yay!), we picked up the last part of marathon training with slightly extended mileage for the 6 weeks leading up to the race.

Except - we are doing 2 of our long runs at night, in the pitch dark.  Who says training can't be fun?  I think it's important to run under race conditions so we can get an idea of the extra challenges.  Running feels a lot different (and kind of amazing) at night.

The biggest challenge of this race might be the two of us running together!  I'm kidding (no I'm not).

Each week is based on Run Less Run Faster with speed repeats, a tempo run and a long run, then a hike or trail run with decent elevation gain.  I've been cross training in the form of pilates, yoga and zumba/pulse.

Our longest run of 35k is coming up on Friday night, the day after we will run a slow 10k.  That's the height of the plan then we'll bring it back down.

Now this is an alien themed run and we are putting together some thoughts on what to wear right now, so this weekend will also involve a bit of creativity and a trip to Michael's.  Stay tuned for awesomeness!

Do I think I can run an ultra?  Well if you recall, I didn't think I could run a marathon.  Then I ran 3.  Opportunity brings choice.  If you listen to the people telling you you CAN'T (mostly because they're afraid you WILL), if you let the perpetual negative little voice in your head win then you'll never try.  And it will suck.  So I'm saying fuck it, I'm having a go, I'm training hard and I will give it my all.  Yes, I believe I can do this.


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